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An absolute beginner’s guide to machine learning, deep learning, and AI

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Meet Samantha. She’s your friendly assistant from 2025. She sorts your mail, sets up your meetings, and orders groceries. She paints and writes poetry. She’s your best friend. She’s also an artificial intelligence from the movie Her, which imagines how a juiced-up Siri will change our lives.

Now, tech companies large and small are racing to make this a reality. You’ve read the news. You’ve heard the jargon: AI, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks, natural language processing.

Maybe it’s all a little confusing. So here’s a primer on these concepts and how they’re interrelated.

Table of Contents :

What is artificial intelligence, or AI?

Narrow, or weak AI

Strong, or general AI

The anatomy of AI

 1.  Perception

 2.  Natural language processing (NLP)

 3.  Knowledge representation

 4.  Reasoning

 5.  Planning and navigation

Tools to get there

When machines learn

From Siri to Samantha

You can find all this information, here.

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DianaAn absolute beginner’s guide to machine learning, deep learning, and AI

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