Artemis Takes Aim

John McCarthy

McCarthy, John (b. 1927, Boston, MA; Ph.D., Mathematics, Princeton, 1951). McCarthy was a codirector of the Dartmouth conference in 1956 at which the term artificial intelligence was first employed; in 1958 he also invented the programming language LISP, which has been one of the most used languages in AI. After cofounding the MIT AI Laboratory with Marvin Minsky, in 1962 McCarthy moved to Stanford University, where he founded and directed the Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Stanford. His main research contributions common sense knowledge and reasoning. Many of his papers are collected in Formalizing Common Sense (1991).


Diana L. Ascher, PhD, MBA, is a principal at Stratelligence and a co-founder of the Information Ethics & Equity Institute. Her lifelong interest in knowledge and decision making has focused on the evaluation, classification, organization, communication, and interpretation of information, and motivates her work in the fields of behavioral science, finance, higher education, information studies, journalism, law, leadership, management, medicine, and policy. She brings more than two decades of experience as a writer, editor, media director, and information strategist to her work.

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