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IS30 Internet & Society Fall 2015 Course Evaluation Comment

This class was one of the few classes I took at UCLA where I was able to just focus on learning new things and thinking about the course material rather than trying to absorb every little detail in the readings or lecture materials. Consequently, the class was very enjoyable, and I strongly feel that I have gained valuable and essential knowledge that has broadened my understanding of the modern society. One room for improvement would be to make the class a little more focused. It was great that the class was driven mainly through discussions, but I felt that sometimes the discussion digressed a bit too far from the main topic of discussion. I think it would be helpful if we were given mini lectures or some sort of "preview" that introduces the main themes and focus of the session before we begin discussing the readings. The group presentation of readings/articles was great. Overall, I feel that I have made the right choice in taking this class this quarter and I have definitely developed a new perspective in viewing the world I live in today, as well as in thinking about the future of our (digital) society. Again, I think I have definitely learned something valuable in this class and would like to thank Diana for a great class this quarter.


Diana L. Ascher, PhD, MBA, is a principal at Stratelligence and a co-founder of the Information Ethics & Equity Institute. Her lifelong interest in knowledge and decision making has focused on the evaluation, classification, organization, communication, and interpretation of information, and motivates her work in the fields of behavioral science, finance, higher education, information studies, journalism, law, leadership, management, medicine, and policy. She brings more than two decades of experience as a writer, editor, media director, and information strategist to her work.

DianaIS30 Internet & Society Fall 2015 Course Evaluation Comment