Artemis Takes Aim

IS10 Information & Power Fall 2016 Course Evaluation Comment

Awesome Instructor who is very knowledgeable and passionate about everything within the scope of this class. Very relevant to everyone. If anything maybe the description or name of the course could be something more appealing. Honestly wasn't sure what I was signing up for, but this is by far the best GE class I have taken at UCLA.


Diana L. Ascher, PhD, MBA, is a principal at Stratelligence and a co-founder of the Information Ethics & Equity Institute. Her lifelong interest in knowledge and decision making has focused on the evaluation, classification, organization, communication, and interpretation of information, and motivates her work in the fields of behavioral science, finance, higher education, information studies, journalism, law, leadership, management, medicine, and policy. She brings more than two decades of experience as a writer, editor, media director, and information strategist to her work.

DianaIS10 Information & Power Fall 2016 Course Evaluation Comment