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IS10 Information & Power Fall 2016 Course Evaluation Comment

This course is very interesting in that for 3.5 hours in the late night have not made me fall asleep once. The discussions were very well facilitated and ideas and anecdotes were thrown back and forth in the class with interesting pace. The presentations were well organized and theories were clearly presented with videos and slides. The things that I did not like were the reflections being due on Friday. I read the materials, but by the time I reached the class room, I forgot most of what I had already read over the weekend and Monday and Tuesday. Also, the timeline project is a great way to present ideas of information and power, but 10 events in 20 minutes is too much. If we wanted to go into detail, then 5 events for 20 minutes would have been more sufficient. 2 minutes for each event is not enough time to discuss the connections between information and power and not enough time for the audience to process all 10 events to thoroughly peer review. The reflections, essay and projects were great. Overall, great course.


Diana L. Ascher, PhD, MBA, is a principal at Stratelligence and a co-founder of the Information Ethics & Equity Institute. Her lifelong interest in knowledge and decision making has focused on the evaluation, classification, organization, communication, and interpretation of information, and motivates her work in the fields of behavioral science, finance, higher education, information studies, journalism, law, leadership, management, medicine, and policy. She brings more than two decades of experience as a writer, editor, media director, and information strategist to her work.

DianaIS10 Information & Power Fall 2016 Course Evaluation Comment