eventually this will become a map of information studies that links to all of the influencers and concepts

Archival Science
Document and Genre Theory
Information Systems
Knowledge Management
Library and Information Science
Museum Studies
Records Management
Social Studies of Information

Broad cultural knowledge
Knowledge about the di€fferent domains communicated/promoted (e.g. music, law, medicine)
Knowledge about the philosophy and sociology of science
Economic and administrative knowledge
Knowledge about specific information sources, such as databases, Internet resources, etc.
Knowledge about information technology (IT)
Language and communication skills

UT Austin
Archival Studies
Digital Libraries
Human-Computer Interaction & Information Architecture
Organization and Retrieval of Knowledge and Information
Preservation and Conservation of Physical and Digital Artifacts
Development, Management, and Evaluation of Collections and Services
Cultural Heritage Development and History and Management of the Cultural Record
Information Policy, Ethics, and Advocacy
User Behavior
Health Informatics
Information Work and Workers
Social Informatics,
Digital Media