Philosophical-analytic approach

The classical techniques of the discipline of philosophy, namely extremely rigorous analysis of ideas and propositions, are brought to bear on information-related matters. Certainly, the field of philosophy itself expresses and represents many different theoretical orientations and metatheories. However, despite the many differences among philosophers, there is a fairly universal and well-understood form of analysis and argumentation that is characteristic of the discipline as a whole. Philosophers who have come into LIS, or philosophers outside the field who have addressed LIS-related questions inevitably bring with them this mode of analysis and discourse. For a classic example of this, read Patrick Wilson's still-relevnnt discussion on the nature of the subject of a book (Wilson, 1968, pp. 6~92). See also Blair (2003), Cooper (1971), Dretske (1981), Fuller (2002), and Wilson (1977, 1983).

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