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  • Alfred Blumstein
    Alfred Blumstein J. Erik Jonsson University Professor of Urban Systems and Operations Research; Former Dean of the Heinz School
  • Serguey Braguinsky
    Serguey Braguinsky Associate Professor, Social and Decision Sciences, Heinz College, Engineering and Public Policy
  • Lee Branstetter
    Lee Branstetter Associate Professor of Economics and Public Policy (joint appointment with the Social and Decision Sciences department)
  • Terry Buss
    Terry F. Buss Executive Director and Distinguished Professor of Public Policy, Heinz College Australia

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  • David Choi
    David Choi Assistant Professor of Statistics and Information Systems
  • Karen Clay
    Karen B. Clay Associate Professor of Economics Program Chair, Master of Public Management

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  • Laura Dabbish
    Laura Dabbish Assistant Professor of Information Technology and Organizations

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