My lifelong interest in knowledge and decision making has focused on the evaluation, classification, organization, communication, and interpretation of information, and motivates my work in the fields of behavioral science, finance, higher education, information studies, journalism, law, leadership, management, medicine, and policy. Check out my research.

I'm the director of the Information Studies Research Lab (IS Lab) and teach Information & Power and Information & Society at UCLA. In addition, I designed a new course on privacy and surveillance for undergraduate students in the University of California system, and am an active contributor to the development of an undergraduate information studies major curriculum at UCLA. My students have asked for a forum to continue our discussions. Join us.

As a partner at Stratelligence, I help organizations create, plan, and implement strategies to achieve a variety of management objectives. As a co-founder of the Information Ethics & Equity Institute (IEEI), I develop tailored continuing education and training programs for data management architectures and practices; designing for equity, diversity and inclusion; data ethics; intersectionality; and workforce development across industry sectors, customer segments, and media channels. Let's talk about your next project.