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Collection Development Policy


Since January 2019, I observed Diana’s dedication to conducting an inventory and organizing the IS Lab collection, including supervising students’ work in assisting with the bibliographic control of the collection. In the process, she identified some important works on cataloging missing, which I ended up donating a copy to be added to the collection. I was impressed with her undertaking this work, and noticed her working closely with the students performing that work. In addition, Diana has been active in requesting recommendations for resources to be added to the collection. I have benefited from her work and support to my classes in her position as the Director of the IS Lab and have appreciated her assistance.


My use of the IS Lab was limited to consultations with Dr. Ascher about how to best organize data, assessment, and associated reports so I can not comment on the organization of the lab and lab resources. She is an excellent reference source about data.


Diana is always willing to speak with me about research and provides useful resourses when necessary.


Dr. Ascher reached out to myself and a colleague about an archival collection being stewarded by the IS Lab. We were more than happy to discuss best practices. It was refreshing to be consulted at the front end of such a project and exciting that the IS Lab is willing to devote time and resources to effective stewardship of archival material. 


Dr. Ascher has made the group work area of the lab available for unconventional teaching activities, such as emergency preparedness activities involving water. She has been attentive and accumulated needed supplies without prompting, greatly facilitating class instruction. She has also worked hard on committees we both were part of, performing time consuming and extremely important data analysis on the IS Department. 


The IS Lab’s library has been isolated from the rest of the UCLA library systems, and Dr. Ascher has expended considerable and dedicated effort to help integrate it more effectively into the campus-wide system of resources. I was extremely heartened to learn that the collection is moving in the direction of being a circulating one—a long-overdue change! And her wise decision to turn the similarly long-overdue shelf-reading project into a teaching opportunity that involved current students in a hands-on project that conveyed marketable skills was nothing short of inspired. In the time that Dr. Ascher has been in her position, she has transformed the Lab from a radically underused facility to one of the hubs of departmental activity. Students use it for work, study, meetings, and projects, and find her a ready resource for help of all kinds.


The Department could use two or three more people like her. In the time the Dr. Ascher has been employed by the department, there has been a string of events that have put significant and extraordinary demands on her time (ALA accreditation review, leadership changes, periodic review of the department by Grad Division, loss of key staff…). I can only imagine what Dr. Ascher could accomplish if she were not so overburdened, and had time and space in the day to generate visionary new ideas and plans.


I have been extremely happy and surprised by the dedication she has shown toward developing the collections and services of the lab to support the curriculum particularly in the area of youth services and libraries.  The creation of the youth space/collections and its expansion to include the multicultural and storytelling resources has been invaluable to the success of those courses.  


As the person who supports use of the Library catalog and other software outside the Library domain, I have seen the IS Lab in the past, and felt it was somewhat underutilized.  As soon as Dr. Ascher started, she made a concerted effort to find out what Library resources were available to her, the IS Lab, and GSEIS students.  She is showing considerable tenacity in her quest to learn and make full use of all the resources available, working with both Library IT and GSEIS IT and adapting to virtualization software when needed (virtual desktops to run Windows software such as the Library catalog clients).  We have discussed other possible future technology ideas for the IS lab, which I consider to be much more accessible and inviting now, due to her efforts on many levels. I fully support her promotion, and look forward to seeing how the IS Lab continues to evolve under Dr. Ascher’s leadership.


I wholly support Dr. Ascher’s promotion to Full Librarian with Career status. She is an asset to the department. She has been exceptionally helpful to me during my past year in the program and I know I am not alone. Her knowledge base is varied and when there was a particular question for which she thought there might be a better person to ask, she did not hesitate to assist me in finding that person. She has helped me navigate the many resources that the lab has to offer and led workshops that have been invaluable. 


I do support Diana Ascher’s promotion to Full Librarian and Career status. I believe Diana is dedicated to her work and the field of librarianship. She is also dedicated to the students in the program as well as those working in the IS Lab, and is genuinely interested in their success in the program and the profession. She is effective as the Director of the IS Lab and deserving of this promotion. 


Before Dr. Ascher started I didn’t know there was an IS Lab, let alone one that was interested in embracing cutting edge technologies and research methods that are high impact for professional growth. She’s a great addition to the I School.


I would summarize my experience with Dr. Ascher as fully supportive. Dr. Ascher fosters excellent relationships with students to assist them in their studies and with their career advancements. Her responsibilities as the steward of the IS Lab signifies her hard work ethic and her dedication to the students of the IS Department.

I fully support her promotion to Full Librarian with Career status. Dr. Ascher’s impact on students should be understood as one of her greatest strengths and crucial to the relationship between students and faculty in the IS Department.


Long story, short: Dr. Diana Ascher is a pleasure to work with and I find her guidance instrumental in my academic career and future career aspirations. She is always approachable and willing to assist on any type of project, given her expertise. From the perspective of a student who is on the Informatics specialization track, I feel that she can help give me extra instruction and guidance that would complement the Informatics specialization as a whole. It is with this in mind that I have recommended Dr. Ascher to other students who would benefit from her guidance and expertise. Lastly, I feel that Dr. Ascher is currently fulfilling one of the objectives from the Strategic Goals and Plans of the IS department, “Recruit, support and inspire exceptional faculty, staff and students who will use their expertise and passion to move the information fields forward as knowledge developers, service providers, change agents, innovators and educators.” With all this being said, I would recommend Dr. Diana Ascher to be promoted to a full Librarian with Career status. 


My experience with Dr. Ascher has been creative and collaborative while I learned many things about how to provide access to information while archiving it within the concerns of data management policies. I have also witnessed Dr. Ascher during various Library committees and I found her comments and questions to always be of great help in steering the work toward University goals. I wholeheartedly support Dr. Ascher’s promotion to Full Librarian with Career status. 


My interactions with Diana have been wonderful. She is very supportive of my research needs and does whatever she can to help out. I have enjoyed speaking with her about various research topics, which she always has something positive to contribute. Diana is someone I can go to for multiple inquires across the information field. She is really a great asset for the IS Lab. 


I enthusiastically support Dr. Ascher’s promotion to Full Librarian with Career status. Along with her engaging presence, she brings full effort to her work and has brought much needed order to the IS Lab. An outstanding professional, she richly deserves this promotion.


My experience interacting with Diana and the IS Lab has been very positive, and I know I can turn to her to help me creatively realize technology needs for my courses. I also appreciate how connected and well-versed she is with YRL librarians, systems, and processes.


I have had nothing but positive experiences in my interactions with Dr. Ascher and fully support her promotion to Librarian with Career status. Through her work, she is successfully integrating the IS Lab into the larger UCLA Library infrastructure after years of it operating in a silo. She has reached out to LSC about archival stewardship best practices, to CCDT about digitizing a collection, and actively participates in library workshops and trainings. I am glad to have her as a colleague and look forward to finding more ways to collaborate in the future. 


I fully support Dr. Ascher’s promotion to Full Librarian with Career status. She has already made significant changes to the IS Lab within a short period of time. She has focused on making the IS Lab an important resource for students across campus, and not only those who are part of GSE&IS. Her enthusiasm and passion to both envison and create change are a great asset to the GSE&IS community. 


I support Dr. Ascher’s promotion to full librarian because in my experience with her, I have realized what a resource she is for students, faculty, and UCLA as a whole. I hope the promotion will give her the resources and foundation to further the great changes and innovations to the IS LAB she has already accomplished this far. 


I support Dr. Ascher’s promotion to Full Librarian with Career status. She is an important asset to the Library and to IS. She not only operates the lab with creativity and vision, but she is a research scholar and a team player. 


I support Dr. Ascher’s promotion to full librarian with career status. In the project I did with her, she saw a unique opportunity for IS students to engage with the library in a new way, and to teach them skills they will need in the workplace. We got the project going quickly thanks to Diana’s help. I also worked with Diana several times with other library systems, such as getting the IS Lab listed as an affiliate location of the UCLA Library, and getting her started with LibGuides. I’ve been at UCLA for 10 years and have never seen a director of the lab be so engaged with the rest of the Library and librarians. She is responsive, helpful, competent, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. I fully support her promotion.


Diana is a great presence, and an extremely committed and thoughtful one to have in our midst.  I have limited experience using the IS lab, but I interact regularly with faculty and students who do, and I know from them that Diana is indispensable. 


My experiences have been very positive.  I would have been happy to work with Dr. Ascher on a more regular and sustained basis before I retired.  Even as an emerita faculty, teaching just one class a year, I have found her to be supportive and even enthusiastic about supporting my work and my students.  I fully support her promotion to Full Librarian with Career status.


It is my pleasure to work with Dr. Ascher, and I fully support her promotion to Full Librarian with Career status.  She is an asset to the University.  Her strategic and inclusive view of how the GSEIS, the IS Department, the Lab, the UCLA Library work cohesively together is instrumental to establishing  successful partnerships, and to achieving the goals of the department.  


I think Dr. Ascher would make an excellent addition to UCLA as a full Librarian. She has a passion for her work that will transform student experiences, as well as benefit those who collaborate with her in this role. She’s exceptionally knowledgeable and personable. My interactions and exchanges with her have always left me impressed and excited to work with her. I look forward to seeing her accomplishments going forward, and have deep appreciation for what she’s achieved thus far with the Lab.


My experience with Dr. Ascher has been nothing but positive. I fully support Dr. Ascher’s promotion to Full Librarian with Career Status. I hardly believe anyone else has her passion for the work she does in the Information Studies department. She is an excellent candidate and person.


Dr. Ascher is a fantastic colleague and incredibly thoughtful, helpful professional who is constantly improving the way she makes the lab accessible, usable, and hospitable. 


In helping me with my research term paper, I found Dr. Ascher’s guidance exceptional. She was able to provide differing perspectives from both her professional experience in the field and her academic background as a graduate of our department. Additionally, Dr. Ascher is actively engaged in the continued growth of the lab’s service to students. Just as she is answering our queries, she is always interested in our feedback.


I know that Dr. Diana Ascher actively seeks to increase her knowledge and skills. I took part in the same Library Carpentry workshop this summer where we went over some foundations for programming in Python. 


Dr. Ascher’s creativity and work toward a Data Lake shows continued growth in the Lab work and it creates a culture of assessment. This culture aids many of the Library goals and University goals.


In all of my interactions with Dr. Ascher she has been a consummate professional. It is always nice to see her at various Library workshops, include the Library Carpentry workshop, and knowing that she is interested in growing and expanding her skill set in order to be an ever more valuable resource for students. 


The interactions I had with Diana showed that she was exceptional in her efforts to bring more visibility and accessibility through the lab. She showed great initiative and leadership skills by changing the layout of the IS Lab, bolstering the website presence, making connections with other library units on campus, etc. 


Dr. Ascher works with many people across different specializations because she is authoritative in many library and research topics. She has thought about innovative and creative uses for the IS Lab, in order to improve the space for learning and research. She is always helpful and is willing to offer ideas for approaches to the use of different zones in the lab. She is enthusiastic about the lab, and the IS department’s role in the UCLA library and University environment. Under her leadership, I see the lab becoming and interactive space for not only students in the MLIS program, but the UCLA community as a whole in the coming years. 


Dr. Ascher has taken initiative in meeting relevant colleagues and participating in campus efforts related to the improvement of the IS Lab.


Dr. Ascher and I worked on a project together to help students in a class use and learn LibGuides. She had a lot of great ideas, this was an original and thoughtful project. She was also very responsive and helpful.


Dr. Ascher has a collaborative leadership style.  She shares her expertise and knowledge and unites experts.  Dr. Ascher is highly organized and motivates others to achieve objectives. 


Dr. Ascher excels in the above from what I’ve seen and what I know of her. She takes on considerable tasks with enthusiasm and commitment. She arrives with nothing less whenever I’ve met with her.


Dr. Ascher has really increased the IS Lab’s visibility, collection usability, staff knowledgeability, and classroom support with new technologies.


In a department filled with strong personalities, Dr. Ascher has been extremely successful in establishing (and sticking to) consistent policies and procedures that prioritize students success, research and teaching effectiveness, and wise use of resources. She has made miracles happen on a shoestring budget, and continually models an ethos of curiosity, service, and intellectual rigor for students and colleagues.


I have complete faith that, when I refer someone to Dr. Ascher, they will receive the kind of response I would provide myself! If they visit the IS Lab, they will be warmly welcomed and directed to the most helpful resources; if they have needs the Lab can’t meet, Dr. Ascher will help them find other sources; and if they are a student in need of specific skills, tools, or mentorship, Dr. Ascher will move heaven and earth to ensure that they get it. She is an outstanding part of the department’s first line of contact with external community members, and has an exceptional track record of building connections with other campus units, libraries, and information centers.


Dr. Ascher is incredibly professional, warm, engaging, knowledgeable, and helpful. When I’ve asked her for help with projects, she has either given me extremely helpful tools, data visualizations, links to helpful software, or even impromptu workshops to assist. She is continually seeking new ways to be more knowledgeable and efficient and seems to really enjoy learning new skills. If she doesn’t know an answer, she researches quickly to find out what it is. I trust her advice and insight because I know it’s backed up with quality research.


Dr. Ascher has been an excellent mentor to me. Despite her busy schedule, she finds a way to make time for me. Dr. Ascher knows what she’s talking about and is intellectually curious, which I believe is an asset to a department like Information Studies.


Dr. Ascher brings a wealth of knowledge and innovative thinking to her work in the Lab. Her range of past experience and her education provide vital perspectives that inform how the Lab is run, but also continuous ideas about possibilities that are fresh and relevant. She values what the Lab means for students. I see tremendous commitment to her work and to the department. 


Dr. Ascher is a collaborator and highly immersed in our collegial environment.  She thinks strategically, has innovative ideas, has a keen eye for talent, and contributes broadly to the UCLA Library and the University.  


Dr. Ascher has been unusually supportive to me and to my teaching needs.  She has also made a welcoming, attractive home in the IS Lab for students with an interest in library services for young people.  In particular, she has created a space for my collection of multicultural children’s literature that I donated when she expressed an interest in housing it there.  The collection, which is unique on the UCLA campus, is now available to many more students—and even to the occasional child who visits the lab in the company of a parent.


Diana’s been nothing less than amazing in every instance that I can remember, so I have no reason to doubt her continued success.


Dr. Ascher was extremely responsive, engaged, and helpful. 


Very warm, willing ‘can do’ welcome to every encounter.


Dr. Ascher has not only facilitated the process of my development in this program, but has encouraged me to think about alternative ways of achieving my professional and technical goals.  I always direct students towards her as she is highly knowledgeable in an array of specialties relevant to the information and library field.  She is a major resource to our department. 


While I did not interact with Diana or the IS Lab much as a student, I appreciate all the changes that Diana made when she started working there. Besides reorganizing the space, she has also worked to make students more aware of the collection and how IS Lab resources can help us. Diana herself was always friendly and willing to help.  


Since my time in the MLIS program, the IS Lab has been transformed and reimagined. During my visit, I was delighted to see that there were spaces and opportunities for hands-on collection care work and collaboration. Dr. Ascher is extremely knowledgeable and proactive about the various projects housed in the Lab. 


Diana always went out of her way to help me realize technology or other support for my courses. I find her extremely knowledgeable, easy to work with, and full of ideas concerning ways to accomplish a task.


Having been familiar with the IS Lab in its prior state, as opposed to how it is now, I have recommended my colleagues in Library DIIT visit to see the changes during the IS Lab Grand Tour, and have recommended GSEIS and the IS Lab to our staff and student employees who are pursuing relevant degrees.


Dr. Ascher is both tremendously knowledgeable about the field and generous in sharing that knowledge. She is easy to approach and helpful in suggesting good resources.


In support of both courses (descriptive and subject cataloging) I teach in the Department during the winter and spring quarters, Diana has been prompt and responsive to assess the online tools and licences to ensure students have access to those. I have appreciated Diana’s support in providing me and students support to the IS Lab and collections as well as assisting me and many in troubleshooting some problems (e.g., printing. materials on reserves). 


Dr. Diana Ascher is dedicated, innovative, supportive – an extremely valuable asset to UCLA’s staff. I had the good fortune to work with her at the IS Lab during my second year in the MLIS program. Her commitment to students and to expanding the many resources offered at the IS Lab was integral to my success not only in the program, but in my subsequent professional opportunities. I have frequently recommended the IS Lab to faculty, as well as both prospective and currently enrolled students, as an impressive resource for research, study, practice, advice, and professional development. I believe Dr. Ascher’s efforts to expand access to these resources enables UCLA’s iSchool to justifiably stand out. 


She’s been very helpful as a colleague on computational and data educational efforts.  


Dr. Ascher has been an excellent point of reference for students when seeking advice for career guidance. Her openness to listening to situations in order to properly problem-solve with students is crucial to how well she does her job. The IS Lab is an open space, available for all students and patrons of the IS Department.


Dr. Diana was instrumental in helping guide a group project I was part of for the Human Computer Interaction class that Prof. Lievrouw taught last Academic year (W19). Due to her guidance, my group was able to gather complex data sets from the Twitter API and show a theoretical representation and potential impact of what a tweets damage could do in the case of a doxxing incident towards a user. This was one of many aspects that Dr. Diana Ascher has helped me out with and I find her knowledge, guidance, and approachability an asset to the IS department and Lab. 


Dr. Ascher has been working with me to store archival holding at the SRLF, as well as consider improvements to the discoverability of the IS Lab collection in Voyager. This tells me that she is interested in increasing the usability of the Lab both from an operational and intellectual stand point. I have found working with her to be productive and straight forward. 


Dr. Ascher has been very helpful, informative and collegial each time I have reached out to her. The IS Lab is an excellent resource.


Dr. Ascher was easily approachable in the IS Lab and made time to discuss data-informed decision making with me. We discussed her work creating a “Data Lake” using Confluence templates. I found her to be warm and knowledgeable as she both gave instruction, but also made the encounter a two way conversation. I walked away from encounters with Dr. Ascher with exciting and creative ideas about how to best put a Data Lake together for UCLA Library staff to use. I always get a sense of collaboration when working with Dr. Ascher.