University of Texas at Austin

Administrative Faculty

Andrew Dillon

Dillon, Andrew - Dean and Professor

Phone: (512) 471-3821
Office: UTA 5.334

Human behavior in information contexts, Psychology of information creation and use, Human-Computer Interaction, Knowledge Management

Philip Doty

Doty, Philip - Associate Dean

Phone: (512) 471-3746
Office: UTA 5.328

Copyright, Cultural and Gender Aspects of Information, Federal Information Policy, History of Computer Networks, Information Behavior, Philosophy, Privacy, Technologies, Digital Libraries


William Aspray

Aspray, William - Bill and Lewis Suit Professor of Information Technologies

Phone: 512-471-3877
Office: UTA 5.432

Information Policy and Advocacy, Internet Studies, History, Digital Media, Health Informatics, Information Workers

Diane Bailey

Bailey, Diane - Associate Professor

Phone: (512) 471-1626
Office: UTA 5.438

Distributed Work, Technology, Work & Organization, Knowledge Work, Information Workers

Lecia Barker

Barker, Lecia - Associate Professor

Phone: 512-232-8364
Office: UTA 5.451

Computer Science Education, Digital Library User Studies, Information Technology In Higher Education, Information Workers, Program Evaluation, Underrepresentation In Computing

Randolph Bias

Bias, Randolph - Professor

Phone: (512) 471-7046
Office: UTA 5.424

Usability, Human-Information Processing, Human-Computer Interaction, Cognitive Science

Tanya Clement

Clement, Tanya - Assistant Professor

Phone: (512) 232-2980
Office: UTA 5.538

Humanities Data Curation, Literary Study, Modernism, Scholarly Information Infrastructure, Scholarly Publishing and Communication, Digital Libraries, Digital Humanities

Melanie Feinberg

Feinberg, Melanie - Assistant Professor

Phone: (512) 471-8487
Office: UTA 5.446

Design of Information Collections, Information Organization & Description, Rhetoric and Poetics of Information Collections

Ken Fleischmann

Fleischmann, Ken - Associate Professor

Phone: 512-471-8291
Office: UTA 5.534

Information and Human Values, Value Sensitive Design, Information Ethics, Science and Technology Studies, Computational Social Science

Patricia Galloway

Galloway, Patricia - Professor

Phone: (512) 232-9220
Office: UTA 5.436

Digital Humanities, Historical Museums, History, Digital Archiving and Preservation, Archives

Jacek Gwizdka

Gwizdka, Jacek - Lecturer

Office: UTA 5.402

Human-Computer Interaction, Cognitive Psychology of Information Interaction, Information Seeking Support Systems, Eye Tracking, Neuro-information Science

Fred Heath

Heath, Fred - Vice Provost and Director of University of Texas Libraries

Phone: (512) 495-4573
Office: PCL. 3.200

James Howison

Howison, James - Assistant Professor

Phone: (512) 232-9219
Office: UTA 5.404

Distributed Work, Technology & Human Collaboration, Software Development By Scientists, Social Network Analysis, Free and Open Source Software Development

Barbara Immroth

Immroth, Barbara - Professor

Phone: (512) 471-3875
Office: UTA 5.412

Services, Materials & Resources For Children & Youth in Public & School Libraries, Management, Consumer Health Information

Unmil Karadkar

Karadkar, Unmil - Assistant Professor

Phone: (512) 471-9292
Office: UTA 5.426

Large data management and Visualization , Digital Humanities, Digital Libraries, Universal Design, Human-Centered Computing, Health Informatics

Matthew Lease

Lease, Matthew - Assistant Professor

Phone: (512) 471-3959
Office: UTA 5.444

Cultural Heritage Development, International Library Development On Indigenous Matters, Literacy Support For Native Youth, Protocols For Traditional Cultural Knowledge, Service Learning

Ciaran Trace
Trace, Ciaran - Assistant Professor

Phone: (512) 232-3508
Office: UTA 5.452

Human Information Behavior, Digital Humanities, Digital Curation, Digital Archives, Records Management, Archives, Information Creation, Material Culture

Lynn Westbrook
Westbrook, Lynn - Associate Professor

Phone: (512) 232-7831
Office: UTA 5.449

Online Communities, Women's Information Experience, Individual's Crisis Information, Information Engagement, Social Service Information Contexts

Karen Wickett
Wickett, Karen - Assistant Professor

Phone: 217-417-7622
Office: UTA 5.416

Conceptual Foundations of Information Science, Digital Libraries, Metadata, Information Organization

Bo Xie
Xie, Bo - Associate Professor

Phone: 512-471-3876
Office: 5.450

Yan Zhang
Zhang, Yan - Assistant Professor

Phone: (512) 471-9448
Office: UTA 5.434

Software Usability, Human Factors In Information Retrieval, Consumer Health Information, Information Architecture


Joint Appointees

Barbara Bintliff
Bintliff, Barbara - Joseph C. Hutcheson Professor in Law; Director of Research

Phone: (512) 471-7735
Office: JON 2.212

Jay Boisseau
Boisseau, Jay - Director, Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)

Phone: (512) 475-9451

Don Carleton
Carleton, Don - Senior Lecturer; Director of the Center for American History

Phone: (512) 495-4515

Clay Spinuzzi
Spinuzzi, Clay - Associate Professor, Department of Rhetoric and Writing

Phone: (512) 471-8707

Andrew Whinston
Whinston, Andrew - Professor of Mgmt Science & Information Systems

Phone: (512) 471-8879
Office: CBA 3.240

Michael Winship
Winship, Michael - Professor of English

Phone: (512) 471-8381
Office: PAR 117


Part-Time Faculty

Suellen Adams
Adams, Suellen

William (Bill) Anderson
Anderson, William (Bill)

Office: UTA 5.456

David Arctur
Arctur, David

Phone: 512-232-7149
Office: EPS 1.148 - C9000, 2275 Speedway, Austin TX 78712

Trina Bolfing
Bolfing, Trina

Bonnie Brzozowski
Brzozowski, Bonnie

Claudia Chidester
Chidester , Claudia - Advisory Council & Lecturer

Phone: 512-415-1744
Office: UTA 5.414

Veronica Covington
Covington, Veronica

Phone: (512) 471-4374
Office: UTA 5.460

Sarah Cunningham
Cunningham, Sarah

Rebecca Elder
Elder, Rebecca

Stan Gunn
Gunn, Stan

Lance Hayden
Hayden, Lance - Adjunct Assistant Professor

Phone: (512) n/a
Office: UTA 5.414

Gretchen Hoffman
Hoffman, Gretchen

Legal Informatics

Huang, Sheng-Cheng "Hans"

Phone: 512-299-7671

Michael Laird
Laird, Michael

Shirley Lukenbill
Lukenbill, Shirley - Lecturer

Phone: (512) 471-4374
Office: UTA 5.460

Martin, Harry "Terry" S. - School of Law - Adjunct Professor

Phone: (512) 471-7735
Office: JON 2.212C

John Michael Moore
Moore, John Michael

Phone: 979-575-5359

Sue Murphy
Murphy, Sue - Adjunct Assistant Professor

Phone: (512) 477-6741
Office: UTA 5.456

Mary Lynn Rice-Lively
Rice-Lively, Mary Lynn

Fleming Seay
Seay, Fleming

Phone: (512) 471-3701

Kim Smith
Smith, Kim

Quinn Stewart
Stewart, Quinn - Instructional Technology Coordinator

Phone: (512) 232-6257
Office: UTA 5.454C

Desktop Imaging, Accessibility, Streaming Media, Distance Education, Software Procurement & Licensing, Printing, Digitization, Educational Technology, Video & Multimedia Production, Apple/OSX, Multimedia Design and Use, Instructional Technologies

Stephanie Swenson Towery
Swenson Towery, Stephanie

Amanda Williams
Williams, Amanda

Phone: (512) 471-4374
Office: UTA 5.460


Assistant Instructors

Craig  Blaha
Blaha, Craig

Office: UTA 5.546

Lorrie Dong
Dong, Lorrie

Office: UTA 5.546

Sarah Kim

Kim, Sarah

Office: UTA 5.550

April Norris

Norris, April

Office: Office UTA 5.550

Ji Hyun  Park

Park, Ji Hyun

Office: UTA 5.554

Tanya Rabourn

Rabourn, Tanya - Assistant Instructor

Office: UTA 5.552

Emeritus Faculty

Don Davis

Davis, Don - Emeritus Professor

Phone: (512) 471-3806
Office: HRC 3.390

David B. Gracy II

Gracy II, David B. - Governor Bill Daniel Professor Emeritus

Julie Hallmark

Hallmark, Julie - Professor Emerita

Billie Grace Herring

Herring, Billie Grace - Emeritus Professor

W.V. (Bill) Jackson

Jackson, W.V. (Bill) - Emeritus Professor

W. Bernard Lukenbill

Lukenbill, W. Bernard - Emeritus Professor
Miksa, Francis - Emeritus Professor

Ronald Wyllys
Wyllys, Ronald - Emeritus Professor