Landline Phone Service, Which Still Exists, Goes Down Across the U.S.

June 6, 2018 at 01:41PM
via Lifehacker

Comcast’s Xfinity landline service has been experiencing issues across the U.S. since this morning, with thousands of problems still being reported this afternoon, according to The outage map indicates that customers throughout the U.S. have encountered issues, with the most recent reports coming from San Francisco, Chicago, Portland, Mountain View, Denver, Seattle, Atlanta, Houston, New York, and Philadelphia.

The support account for Comcast’s Xfinity services tweeted Wednesday afternoon that landline phone service “customers may still be experiencing an issue with their Voice service.”


A number of customers, including businesses with Xfinity’s phone service Voice, have been tweeting that their phone lines are down with the hashtag #comcastoutage. But perhaps most troubling are emergency responder lines impacted by the massive outage. The Epping Police Department and Kingston Fire Department in New Hampshire have said their phone lines were down, and while Schuylkill County Emergency Management in Pennsylvania and Greater Spokane Emergency Management in Washington said they weren’t having trouble fielding calls, both informed locals to use their mobile phones in the event of an emergency while the landlines were down.

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