MGMT 298D Content Creation Notes from Producer

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MT: negotiation insights


assessment of long-term value



videos of group sessions to rep the variety of application

what is the ratio of complexity from the single sectoral approach to the more system-oriented approach?

in the wants/provides chart, won't there be some things within the cells that are currently empty?
for example, both the NGO and the company may want to train employees, the y may want to

bspa teleconf: target policy big names
logos of grantors

hated anything controversial, but those are the things that sell
T1 lines into colleges-->organic marketing

6 things
1. best ideas were embedded within the organization-->cultural norm
2. binary arguments are the kiss of death in business-->music-infused television
3. give away your power as fast as you get it-->diversify tastes and empower tribe leaders
4. shut up-->trey parker never puts an idea down, but celebrates the ones he likes-->get on board with the stuff you love
5. don't ask how in the beginning-->when people fall in love with their own ideas they come up with amazing ways of how to get them done
6. show, don't tell-->example an idea-->some silly-ass way to demonstrate an idea
as a leader your job isn't to say yes or now, but to create a path for others to get the yes they want in life

articulate where the gold is
have to be able to demonstrate it in the tape

show as the franchise
arrogance is an enemy

as a producer in current environment you have to have volume to leverage costs across several programs

from linkedin
the pursuit of perfection is arguably the surest way to undermine happiness and productivity

mom and dad on 210 from ontario