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  1. The body of persons employed by or active in an organization, business, or service.
  2. An administrative division of an organization concerned with the body of persons employed by or active in it and often acting as a liaison between different departments.

American Heritage Dictionary Online



Is often synonymous with staffing and/or human resources.

The American Library Association presents and addresses emerging issues relating to library personnel such as career latters, tenure, policy and equity in pay. This broad heading can also include practice standards, career services such as job placement and professional development. The Association's goals may also fall under this scope. Personnel services are critical because they may address employee concerns, conduct appropriate investigations and offer mediation services. Administration are responsible for implementing policies on employment practices and ethics. Personnel resources in library settings support library employees in a number of issues that may require attention.

The American Library Association has recommended catagories of library personnel. Within these classifications specific job titles are listed along with their recommended qualifications. Their expected responsiblities and performable tasks are also given. This classifying guide in personnel helps to demonstrate the extensive range of job duties and responsibilities that take place in library settings.




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