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Generally referred to as an internet information retrieval term, search strategies are the systematic plan for conducting a search of the world wide web.


The recommended steps to develope a search strategy at first glance look similar to a traditional information search.

*Formulate your question/topic

*Determine your need:

a)specific information?

b)broad array of information on a subject?

c)just want to see what is available on a subject?

*Identify key words, distinctive phrases

*Identify synonyms and related terms


Choosing where to start a search is the first difference from the traditional search strategy:


Search Tools


*Subject Directories - An approach to Web documents by a lexicon of subject terms hierarchiacally grouped. May be browsed or searched by keywords. Subject directies are smaller than other searchable databases, because of the human involvement required to classify documents by subject.


*Searchable Databases - Websites that cannot be found in search engines and rarely are in subject directories. Two to three times as many pages as the visible web. Specialized searchable databases.




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