Theodor Adorno

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Essential mechanism of identity thinking is categorization

Classification – one of our core things is figure out categories of knowledge, classification schemes

Relatedness or differences

Tendency to classify and take those as though they are reality

New phenomena, we either fit into a slot or make a new slot

Classifying impulse is taken for granted. Ideological system creation seems so natural to us. We find a way to make the new thing fit.

Adorno says we have to jump out of this identity thinking.

When we do this fitting, want to fit it into an existing structure/make it seem familiar. This misrepresents some of its meaning.

New objects seen thru existing concepts. The concepts take the place of the object itself. Keeps us from seeing the new thing in a new way.

Scientific observation. Stomach ulcer example. How do you break those paradigms (Kuhn)? Usually takes someone younger, not as entrenched to think differently. Changes the rest of the knowledge structure.