User-centered design approach

The development and human testing of information organization and information system designs is seen as a path to both scientific understanding and improved information access. User-centered design takes the "Does it work?" engineering question one step farther, and asks, "Does it work so well that people can concentrate on what they are doing rather than on operating the system or Jl·vice?" Classic work in this area is by Norman ( 1990) and Nielsen ( 1993). A great deal of design work relevant to LIS goes on in human-computer interaction research (Carroll, 2002; Rogers, 2004). A number of people in LIS focus on user-centered design, for example, Ackerman (2000), Bates (1990, 2002), Dillon (1994, 1995), Hildreth (1989). and Marchionini (1995). See also Marchionini & Komlodi (1998).

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